The roadmap to living your dream life of financial freedom, optimal mental and physical health, and harmonious relationships lies at the 2-day corporate retreat on the tranquil outskirts of Bangalore!

Discover The Blueprint to Transform Your Life in 2024 to Gain Financial Freedom, Harmonious Relationships, and Holistic Growth Without Burnout, Time Crunch, or Emotional Drain

Plus: How to Set SMART Goals for better productivity, and career development and how mindfulness can pave the way for a pay raise!

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Nestled in a serene natural setting, our weekend retreat off Bangalore offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy corporate life. Here, tranquility meets rejuvenation, providing you with an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and nature. 

Join us for a transformative experience filled with mindful practices, relaxation, and self-discovery.

What To Expect In Our Retreat?

Art Therapy sessions

Through guided art-making activities, our art therapy sessions allow for creative expression, emotional exploration, self-discovery and relaxation

SMART goal setting

The workshop helps you identify your personal and professional goals, and understand goal-setting principles and the strategies to achieve them

Mindful Eating Practice

Guided mindful eating tips to appreciate the sensory aspects of food, recognize your body’s hunger and learn to respond to physical and not emotional cues

Group meditation

Group meditation improves emotional intelligence, creativity, focus, and concentration levels, and reduces absenteeism.

Nature walks

Nature walk makes us mindful of nature, improves physical health, mood, and well-being, and promotes social bonding and networking.

Our Upcoming Events

A Women's Retreat for Self-Care and Empowerment

Serenity Sisters

Strengthening Bonds in the Digital Age

United Hearts

Connecting Famlily Hearts and Minds

Harmony at Home

Embracing Life and Mindfulness in Second Innings

Golden Grace

Navigating Life and Relationships with Mindfulness and Empathy 

Youthful Horizons
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