The Opportunity To Learn How To Find Passion At Work, Manifest Wealth, Improve Leadership Qualities, Resilience, And Relationships, And Most Importantly, How Mindfulness Can Pave the Way for a Pay Raise.

Plus: How to Set SMART Goals for better productivity, commitment and career development

Don’t miss the opportunity to Overcome the Frustration and anxiety of a career pivot, poor mindset, or hectic corporate lifestyle to gain financial freedom, leadership qualities, and clarity of your passion to live your dream life!

ONLY  15  “13” spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis!

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"Only Rs.40,000 22,500/- New Year Offer!"

What's Included?



Nature walk/ Breathwork/ Group Breakfast/ Meditation

Late Morning/Afternoon

Group Adventure/ Yoga/ Group Lunch

Late Afternoon

Interactive Workshops/ Art Therapy


Group Interaction/ Building Connections/ Meditation

Chill Time

Group Dinner/ Bonfire


A weekend to change your life

A unique experience of luxury within a time capsule.

The retreat will take place in the tranquil resort environment on the outskirts of Bangalore, far from the hustle and bustle of busy Bangalore life. Spending time amidst greenery invokes mindfulness to self-discovery and transforms you into the new version of yourself for 2024.

 Join us from Saturday, February 10th to Sunday, February 11th to immerse yourself in a special experience that brings together the rich, spiritual culture of Bangalore with Beena’s mindfulness and life skills expertise.

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Dr. Beena Pinto is a life-skills coach with a rich blend of academic excellence and practical expertise. Holding a Doctorate, MBA, and a background in Counseling Psychology, she specializes in empowering employees to achieve their potential.

The retreat helps you the corporate/ entrepreneur define and focus on SMART goals, overcome conflicts, manage time, peer pressure, and finances, and activate your intuitive power to support your physical, mental, and emotional health to grow and brighten spiritually.

Mindfulness is more than meditation, it is a lifestyle of calm, living in the present, and observance. Its regular practice induces a sense of focus for better concentration, creativity, emotional intelligence, mindset, and productivity. 

You will learn how to overcome common challenges most corporates face in today’s fast-paced world like career pivots, anxiety, lack of communication, poor work-life balance, and negative thoughts. 

You can expect to leave the retreat with better family/spouse support and understanding, the secret to financial freedom, and an upgrade to transformative life skills. 

Maybe you have been practicing for years or just started a few months ago – it doesn’t matter! Our trek, yoga, and meditation sessions are designed for the most experienced and beginner students.

While there will be wifi access, cell phone service is limited. Additionally, we encourage practicing digital detoxing while with us. 

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