Dr. Beena Pinto, Founder – Managing Director of Litos, Mindfulness coach for Entrepreneurs, and Founder of AniBee Pre-School chain of four schools (https://anibee.in)

Litos is about creating a space for yourself to unwind, de-stress, and recharge. It’s about taking a moment to breathe and be present at the moment with a vision of touching more lives.

Dr. Pinto’s corporate and entrepreneur journey wasn’t easy with its share of ups and downs. The only thing that helped keep her grounded was her practice of mindfulness, which prompted the formation of Litos.

Dr. Beena Pinto’s unwavering passion for her work and her dedication to excellence is nothing short of contagious, and it is clear that she is truly invested in the success of her company and the growth of her team.

Received “Excellence in Education through Supplimentary Training Programs” at The Global Triumph Foundation Awards 2021


Dr. Nayeem Ahmed, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Litos. Her vision for Litos is simply astounding and her leadership skills are unparalleled. As a CEO, she is leading Litos towards delivering on its mission of enhancing the quality of life for people of all ages through Integrative Medicine. She assumed the role on Aug 2022. Earlier to this she was on the Advisor board.

Dr. Ahmed’s ability to balance the art of leadership and the science of technology is an inspiration to many others in the industry. She has a unique perspective on how technology can be leveraged to solve some of the most pressing issues faced by humanity today.

Before coming to Litos, Dr Ahmed worked for Tata group, in healthcare consulting role for digital transformation of Primary and Tertiary healthcare system. She also held multiple roles with Medtronic, India where she had played a key role in R&D setup, Architected systems & processes required for product readiness and development for Dialysis Business unit launch in India. She also held administrative and managerial roles for corporate hospitals like Wockhardth Hospital, Nrayana Hrudalaya, Apollo Hospitals, Health Care Global Cancer Hospital.

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